Presidential Candidates Host Dueling Rallies Again in Battleground States Today

There are now four days until the election and the presidential candidates are once again hosting dueling rallies in a battleground state. This is the second straight day President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will cross paths after hosting events in Florida yesterday. Now they’re barnstorming the Midwest today with planned appearances in Minnesota. The last Republican to win this state was President Richard Nixon in his 1972 landslide re-election. Polls are showing Biden in the lead, but now by a narrow margin as it appears the president has been gaining ground over the last month, especially in rural areas. Both candidates also intend to make appearances in Wisconsin, with Biden hitting Iowa and President Trump, Michigan. As of yesterday, more than 80 million Americans have voted early. This has already outnumbered the total amount of early ballots cast during the last election, with Texas already surpassing their entire total voter turnout in 2016.