Nation Once Again Breaks Record High for Covid-19 Cases in Single Day

The U.S. has once again recorded a new single-day high for Covid-19 cases with nearly 90,000 reported yesterday. This is the third time within the last week that record has been broken. With the majority of states seeing increasing trends in both cases and hospitalizations, the U.S. is now well on its way to hitting the 9 million mark within the next few days. Also concerning is the fact that some health care officials have reported cases of patients being sick with both coronavirus and the flu at the same time as we are now well into the season. A former FDA commissioner also said it’s likely the U.S. will be reporting upwards of 100,000 new cases per day within weeks. In the key battleground state of North Carolina, at least two attendees of a recent president Trump Rally in Raleigh have tested positive. The county’s health department is recommending anyone else who was at this event continue to monitor themselves for symptoms and get tested if necessary.