Trump, Biden Hold Dueling Town Hall Events in Lieu of Second Presidential Debate

Last night, both President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden held dueling town hall events in key battleground states. Let’s hear some brief statements from the two regarding the pandemic. Trump’s outdoor event was hosted by NBC’s Savannah Gutherie in Florida. The two often clashed throughout the evening and many have referred to event as less than a town hall and more of a debate. It was 20 minutes before voter’s could even begin asking their own questions. Gutherie was also quick to fact check the president and refused to let questions go unanswered, specifically in regards to topics including his positions on white supremacy and the political conspiracy group QAnon. Biden’s town hall in Philadelphia was moderated by George Stephonopolous. The nominee detailed responses on his policies and made promises to help reunite the country by fighting for every American, including those who vote against him. But it wasn’t all roses for Biden as he continued to be evasive over issues of court packing, suggesting he would reveal a more concrete stance closer to election day. Plus, he was forced to acknowledge short comings of his 1994 crime bill.