Denver Shooter Charged After Fatal Incident During Opposing Protests

A man has been charged following the fatal shooting in Denver during opposing protests. While at a planned police support rally and counter-protest in Civic Center Park last Saturday, 30-year-old Matthew Doloff engaged in an argument with 49-year-old Lee Keltner. Things quickly escalated into a physical fight when Keltner allegedly slapped Doloff, who then pulled a gun and shot Keltner once as he attempted to deploy his pepper spray. keltner later died at the hospital. Doloff was promptly arrested and booked on suspicion of first-degree murder but he now faces a lesser charge of second-degree murder. Doloff is also believed to be a security guard who was contracted to work at the rally. However, it was discovered he may have been operating without a license. Along with his murder charge, he could be fined or face up to a year in jail because of that. His attorney is claiming he acted in self-defense.