Amy Coney Barrett SCOTUS Confirmation Vote to be Held Next Week

The Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court confirmation hearings have concluded for the week. Witnesses were able to address the Judiciary Committee yesterday. Those selected by Republican members painted Barrett as an over qualified and brilliant judge committed to upholding the law. Witnesses from the other side of the aisle portrayed Barrett as a threat to the up-coming election, health care, abortion and voting rights. They also accused her of being an activist judge who might not be able to separate her faith from her rulings. Senate judiciary Democrats tried to indefinitely delay the nomination again yesterday, claiming they don’t have enough time to review their findings and that the nominee has not disclosed numerous pieces of information in her paperwork. Their attempt was rejected. Barrett will stand before the Committee again next Thursday as they officially vote on her nomination. It’s believed she will be approved and another vote will then be held in the Senate the following week.