Certain Blood Types More Likely to Contract, be at Risk of Serious Covid-19 Infection

And speaking of the coronavirus, researchers are now saying your blood type might impact your risk of infection and development of life-threatening complications. This new information comes after two studies were published in an American hematology medical journal yesterday. Evidence appears to suggest that those with Type O blood were less susceptible to contracting Covid-19. They also discovered “a higher proportion” of patients with Type A or AB required mechanical ventilation and therefore had longer ICU stays. These types were also more likely to require dialysis to help kidney function. However, those heading the study would like to remind the public that their findings were extremely limited. They were only able to study a percentage of blood types offered up from a small pool of participants. They’re also not sure why there were differences, but they were subtle, meaning those with Type O can still contract the virus. Doctors are not going to start treating patients differently based on their blood type.