Local Authorities Respond to Numerous, Separate Shootings Hours Apart

UPDATE: Two people were apprehended in connection to the hit-and-run shooting in Florence County this morning. Their identities and the charges they face have not been released at this time. As for the fatal shooting in Marion County, a man remains in custody after taking the life of his own son, 20-year-old Jerry Williams Jr.

Local authorities have responded to numerous shootings since last night, one of which was fatal. The first occurred around 5 p.m. on Warf Drive in Conway. One person was injured but the extent is unknown. This was shortly followed by a second incident along Dick Pond Road near Surfside Beach. It’s unclear at this time if anyone was hurt. This morning in Marion County, deputies arrested a suspect who fatally shot one person in the area of Biddie Court. Finally, one person was hospitalized in Florence County following a hit-and-run at the Highway 52, Interstate 95 interchange. It appears the victim also sustained a gunshot wound. Their condition remains unknown.