Ruth Bader Ginsburg Becomes First Woman to Lay in Repose at Supreme Court

In a historic moment, Ruth Bader Ginsburg will become to first woman to lie in repose at the Supreme Court this week. Starting tomorrow through Thursday, the public will be allowed to visit the justice and pay their respects as she rests under the Portico at the top of building’s front steps. A private ceremony with her close friends and family at the Great Hall will precede the event. Her private burial will take place later this week before she is finally laid to rest at the Arlington National Cemetery next to her late husband. Meanwhile, the GOP is working quick to fill Ginsburg’s court seat, promising to hold a confirmation vote before November’s election. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says they are close to locking down all the votes needed to support President Trump’s pick with only four votes hanging in the balance. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says this fight is far from over. There are even talks to expand the number of justices that currently sit on the court to even out the sides if Joe Biden wins this November.