CDC Retraction of New Coronavirus Guidance Posted in “Error” Causes Confusion

The CDC has retracted new guidance on the coronavirus they claim was “mistakenly posted” to their website just days ago. Over the weekend, the CDC announced new guidelines for airborne transmission via tiny, aerosolized droplets that are “produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, sings, talks, or breathes.” They’re now walking back the statement they say was made in error. But many health officials were not surprised by the new admission since it’s known the virus can spread through air droplets between people standing within six feet. The CDC has reverted back to previously used language and are expected to release new information soon. They have taken full responsibility for the mistake, saying they were not politically pressured to post the information that had yet to be reviewed by experts. This is not the first time the agency has reversed guidance on the virus. Earlier this year, there was similar confusion over asymptomatic transmission.