Tornado Alerts Issued for South Carolina as Hurricane Sally Moves Over

Hurricane Sally turned deadly yesterday after touching down along the Gulf Coast region as a category two.  At least one person is dead and one missing. It’s also reported more than 510,000 customers are without power between Alabama and Florida. The two states are also seeing record-breaking levels of dangerous flooding especially around most rivers. Other areas of the panhandle experienced upwards of thirty inches of rain. That’s four months worth of rain dropped in a matter of hours. Rescue crews have reported saving at least 377 people near the bordering states but fear many more are still in danger. Sally was downgraded to a tropical depression last night. She continues her path towards the southern east coast, with Georgia and the Carolinas now at risk of flooding and tornadoes. Sally was the fourth hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. this year. She’s also the earliest “S” name storm to strike in over 16 years.