South Dakota Attorney General Hit, Killed Pedestrian He Thought Was a Deer

After reporting he hit a deer, it was revealed the South Dakota Attorney General actually hit and killed a man over the weekend. Jason Ravnsborg was driving along a highway late Saturday night when the incident occurred. Ravnsborg called the Hyde County Sheriff’s Office to report he hit a deer and that he was uninjured. The body of 55-year-old Joseph Boever was not discovered until the next morning. It’s believed the victim was a pedestrian walking along the side of the highway when he was struck. It’s unclear at this time if Ravnsborg stopped his vehicle, let alone got out to inspect what he had hit. The South Dakota Highway Patrol is set to conduct a full investigation which will be overseen by the State’s Department of Public Safety. The Attorney General is reportedly fully cooperating with investigators. In an official statement, Ravnsborg’s chief of staff referred to the incident as “a tragic accident” and extended their condolences to the Boever family.