President Trumps Visits California to Attend Briefing on Deadly West Coast Wildfires

President Trump visited California yesterday to attend a briefing on the deadly wildfires that have decimated the West Coast. Also in attendance were Governor Gavin Newsom, Secretary of California’s Natural Resources Agency Wade Crowfoot, and other top scientists and emergency officials who grilled the president over climate change. In response, the president continued to deny climate change attributed to the massive fires which continue to rage across the entire coast, saying “It’ll start getting cooler. You just watch.” He further added, when accused of ignoring scientific data, that he doesn’t “think science knows, actually.” All this is in direct contradiction to former Vice President Joe Biden who does believe climate change played a large role. Meanwhile, the almost 90 major fires have claimed over 4.6 million acres in ten total states. At least 36 people have been killed with 22 more reported missing. Search and rescue teams are working to recover any survivors. At least six towns have also been completely destroyed. The dangerous weather conditions are not expected to improve anytime soon, either.