Fight Over Mail-in Voting Persists With Election Now Seven Weeks Away

With the election now exactly seven weeks away, the battle concerning expanded mail-in voting persists across the country. Because of the pandemic, this year’s presidential election is expected to see a record-breaking number of mail-in ballots. Already voting has begun in Florida and North Carolina. However, many people are already running into problems. In North Carolina, thousands of ballots have been rejected for multiple reasons, including mismatched signatures, problems with stamps, and more. Other states are also wary as November approaches after they ran into similar issues during their primaries. Democrats are currently fighting for more relaxed mail-in voting while Republicans are pushing for more strict regulations, especially seeing as President Trump believes this year’s mail-in voting could lead to fraud. Lawsuits have sprung up across the country as states begin to take a stand either for or against expanded mail-in voting.