West Coast Wildfires Claim At Least 35 Lives, Destroy 3.3 Million Acres

The massive west coast wildfires have now consumed 3.3 million acres and taken at least 35 lives. 24 of those victims were in California where fires have burned for nearly a month thanks to record-breaking heat waves, unprecedented lightning storms, intense winds, and extremely dry weather. Almost 17,000 firefighters are now battling 29 major blazes across the state. Both Governor Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and scientists have attributed the natural disasters to climate change, which is in contradiction to President Trump’s claims that the fires were the result of poor land management. The remaining deceased victims were reported in Oregon and a child in Washington state. Animals have also perished in these fires. To make matters worse, the entire West Coast is now reporting the worst air quality in the world. Residents across the three states are warned to stay indoors as the hazardous smoke surrounds and chokes the skies, turning them an eerie orange and red color.