American Company Partners With TikTok Days Before Ban Goes into Effect

Just days before President Trump’s TikTok ban was set to go into effect, the Chinese-owned company has made a deal with an American partner. Back in August, the president signed an executive order that would prohibit the app from operating within the U.S. by September 20th unless a deal was made with a U.S. company. He claimed the reason behind his decision was because the app posed a threat to national security. It was alleged that user’s personal data was being monitored for the purposes of being used by the Chinese government. This is a claim that’s been continuously denied by the company but did little to sway President Trump. Microsoft and even Walmart were initially in talks to become the U.S. partner, but were both outbid by a company named Oracle. The exact nature of their agreement remains unclear, but does satisfy President Trump’s requirements. It’s been reported that TikTok is not being outright sold, but rather partnering up with Oracle who is described as an “American multinational computer technology corporation”. President Trump is a fan of this company since the owner has contributed to his campaign.