West Coast Wildfires Death Toll Reaches 15 With More People Still Missing

The death toll from the massive wildfires that continue to devastate the west coast has now risen to 15. Seven bodies were discovered yesterday in California. This brings the state’s total to ten deceased and as of this morning, at least 16 people were still unaccounted for. The August Complex fire in Northern California has now become the state’s biggest on record, decimating almost half a million acres. It’s also believed cities such as LA are experiencing their worst levels of air quality in more than 25 years as dense smoke and ash overwhelms the skies. Five other people were also killed in Washington state and Oregon. In Portland, a 12-year-old boy, his grandmother and their dog were among them. This led the city’s mayor to declare a state of emergency. Statewide, more than half a million residents have been forced to evacuate. Unfortunately, as the heat wave and relentless winds continue, the majority of fires are barely contained with new ones sparking up all the time.