Starwars Kitchen Items

Do you want a steak so good Yoda will let you join the force? Or a piece of chicken so tender Darth Vader will welcome you to the dark side…. Then you’ll want this grill in your backyard this summer! It’s available on Etsy by “Burned by Design LTD” and costs about $725.56. It also doubles as a fire pit and wood burner. Also available are an R2-D2 fire pit, Storm Trooper fire pit, Death Star fire pit and a Boba Fett fire pit.

*Disclaimer* If your meat comes out so chewie that it’s approved by Chewbacca… you might just want a new chef!

To go with that grill…. You can make your sides in a Starwars inspired Instapot! Williams Sonoma is offering a line of the popular pressure cookers.. starting at $79.95 choose from BB-8, Darth Vader, R2-D2, a Storm Trooper or Chewbacca.