Man Rescued After Stranded in Alaskan Woods for 3 Weeks

A man survived being stranded for more than three weeks in the remote Alaskan wilderness after his cabin burned down. 30-year-old Tyson Steele was found late last week after he had not been heard from for several weeks. Steele’s cabin burned down and left him without a phone, a map, snow shoes, and barely any clothes or food. He was stranded in a location at least 20 miles away from civilization with miles of snow-covered forests, hills, rivers, and lakes to separate him. He managed to survive by building a shelter out of his ruined cabin. After nearly 23 days stranded, he was rescued when an “SOS” signal he’d written in the snow was discovered. Steele was quickly transported to the Alaska State Trooper’s aircraft section hangar at Lake Hood. He immediately took a hot shower and ate a McDonald’s combo meal. It’s reported he seemed “overall healthy and energetic” and happy to talk to other people.