This is America’s least favorite airline (hint: it’s not United)

For the third year in a row, America has chosen Spirit Airlines as their least favorite airline.

The ‘bare fare’ airline ranks dead last when it comes to customer satisfaction among airline passengers. The ultra-low cost carrier had the lowest score in the travel report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Spirit is known for its cheap tickets that are stripped of any additional amenities.

The second least favorite airline– just ahead of Spirit– was another ultra-low cost carrier– Frontier Airlines.

Here’s how the airlines ranked, according to the report:

JetBlue: 82, +2%

Southwest: 80, 0%

Alaska: 78, +1%

American: 76, +6%

Delta: 76, +7%

All Others: 74, 0%

Allegiant: 71, +9%

United: 70, 3%

Frontier: 63, -5%

Spirit: 61, -2%