Teen girls banned from flight for wearing leggings

United Airlines is defending its decision to bar two teenage girls from boarding a flight for wearing leggings.

The incident in question happened Sunday morning, sparking a social media backlash against the airline, as well as questions over whether United has banned all passengers from wearing leggings.

In a statement, United says the girls were told they could not board a flight from Denver to Minneapolis because their leggings violated the company’s dress code policy. The girls were reportedly ‘pass travelers,’ United employees and their dependents who can fly for free on a standby basis.

United says such travelers cannot wear certain articles of clothing, including leggings, flip-flops, midriff shirts and ripped jeans, as they are ‘representatives’ of the airline. United also clarified that its regular customers are allowed to wear leggings.

But that still hasn’t softened the ire of critics, who says the airline’s policy is sexist and intrusive.