‘Sunday Give-Away’ Fires up Young Panthers Fan

CHARLOTTE, NC (WCCB Charlotte) — The ‘Sunday-Giveaway’ was treated more like a lay-away sale at a furniture store.

Forty-nine points, and the touchdown ‘football trophy’s’ to go with them, sent a half-dozen kids home from Bank of America happier than waking up on Christmas morning. Seven year old Cameron Gandy is one of those kids.


(Video edited to remove NFL Video/Sound)


It came at an unlikely venture. A third and long turned into an 86-yard touchdown pass from Cam Newton to Philly Brown toward the end of the first quarter.

“I showed him my name,” Cameron said, referencing his personalized jersey ‘CAMERON’ he was wearing on Sunday night at the game. “I turned around and showed (Cam Newton).”

Gandy’s dad, Brandon, watched his scoop up the memorabilia from his regular tickets in the second deck.

“My phone was going crazy,” Brandon Gandy said. “I finally had to put it away because I couldn’t watch the game.

Well, that was because of his son’s smile-infecting reaction to getting the ball.

“I think I’m enjoying it more than he is,” dad, Brandon, said.

Dad was on brag alert at work on Monday. And Cameron…he had a souvenir to show-and-tell at school.

“They asked where I got my football,” Cameron Gandy said. “I said Cam Newton. Everyone was excited I got the ball.”

Certainly, Cameron has another reason to be a Cam Newton fan.