South Strand Optimist Club’s “Recognition of Elementary Youth” Program

The program is entitled “Recognition of Elementary Youth Program” with the purpose to recognize children in grades K-5 attending the private and public schools in the South Strand (Surfside Beach to City of Georgetown) for their achievements in the areas listed below: ARTS – An award for a child with exceptional imagination and skill in painting, drawing, music, dance, drama, or writing. COMMUNITY SERVICE – An award for a child who stands out in his or her willingness and ability to help others. HUMANITIES – An award for a child with special appreciation of and sensitivity to literature, history, current events, and other cultures. COURAGE – An award for a child who has faced a great challenge with extraordinary bravery, endurance, and/or effort. FELLOWSHIP – An award for a child who inspires cooperation and group effort among his or her peers or people of other ages. SCIENCE – An award for a child whose curiosity has led to outstanding achievement in the exploration and discovery of his or her environment. These six students and their teachers will be honored at the club’s meeting.