A Thursday Tip for Coooking Bacon and One That Will Only Cost You a Penny!

For your Thursday Tips...get we're starting in the kitchen with bacon.

For your Thursday Tips…get we’re starting in the kitchen with bacon. Place your bacon in a microwave safe dish and for two minutes cook at 30 percent power. Then increase power to 50% for a minute or two. After that you may cook on high but for only at two minutes intervals. Now, it’s ok to use the paper towels. Let it cool for about 5 minutes it continues to crisp.

When it comes time to clean your pots and pans…use a sheet of aluminium foil. Grab a piece of foil, wad it up into a ball, and easily remove tough spots on dishes. Obviously you wouldn’t want to use on non-stick coatings. Balls of foil are also good grill scrubbers. It’s a good way to re-use the foil you would typically toss in the trash and it eliminates the need to keep smelly sponges around.

Keep those fresh-from the farmers market flowers nice and pretty for longer for just a penny. Dropping a copper penny into the vase can keep them alive longer. Copper is a fungicide, so it naturally kills off pesky bacteria and fungi that shorten the life span of your stems. Use a penny minted before 1982 as those were made with 95% copper, while the pennies we use now—have only a thin copper coating.