Greg and Audra Make a Table Top Fire Bowl for $20…and it Repels Mosquitos!

Greg and Audra try out this trendy table top fire bowl that repels mosquitos.

It’s DIY time at Carolina A.M.  If you’re not from the south and have ventured onto your patio lately, you’ve likely discovered the need for mosquitos repellant.  Greg and Audra try out this trendy table fire bowl that not only looks cool but repels the pests!  Audra decided to try this DIY, after it kept popping up on her For You page.  It looks simple to make.  The post showed using a refillable torch, citronella fluid, rocks and a cute planter.   Audra loved this particularly planter which the post tagged it to Walmart.  So…Audra went to the Seaboard Street Wal-Mart to see if she could find it.  She found the 8 inch for $11.  She also picked up a refillable torch fuel can and a bag of pea pebbles…all under $20.  She used the citronella fluid she had.   The DIY turned out nicely and would be great for most outdoor spaces.  Not recommended for indoor, only for demo purposes.