Happy National French Fry Day!

Take advantage of the fry day deals!

McDonald’s is giving away any size fries to anyone who orders on the app with no purchase necessary! Burger King and Wendy’s are giving out free fries too, also any size. But you have to buy something else with the app.

Speaking of fries…Belgians claim they were the first to fry potatoes…way back in the 17-hundreds. but, the french popularized fried foods in the mid 17-hundreds. Plus, there are two versions of how fries came to America. One…is that Thomas Jefferson first served ‘potatoes in the french manner’ at the White House in 1802. The second theory is that World War I soldiers stationed in Belgium brought the idea back with them. Today, Americans eat about 30 pounds of french fries per person each year! And no surprise…McDonald’s has our favorite!