4 Gifts Dad Didn’t Know He Needed!

In today's Amazon Finds, gifts dad will love including these quick tie down anchors that create anchor points on decks, trailers, and docks!

Father’s Day is just around the corner.  It can be tough to shop for the dad who has everything. In today’s Amazon Finds,  WFXB brings 4 gifts that will leave dad wondering what he did without them!

Upgrade dad’s bottle opener he’s been using for years with this Pop the top handy bottle cap remover that removes caps in a snap and keeps them in pristine condition.
For all day hot, smart coffee,  that is controlled through the phone, he’ll love this temperature controlled smart mug.
These portable, quick tie-down anchors  are a game changer for the dad on the move!  It’s an innovative solution for docks, decks, and trailers.  With a simple push down and twist, dad can create anchor points virtually anywhere.  This is perfect for securing cargo, bikes, pets, shades, and sports equipment.   You get 2 in a pack for under $30.
Keep dad looking cool in these aviator sunglesses.  These bring UV 400 protection and are polarized.  For under$25!