Tips for Your Next Taco Tuesday!

Upgrade your taco night with these taco hacks!

We’ve got a few hacks that has folks talking online. Upgrade your taco night with these taco hacks that people are trying. For your Thursday Tips, solutions to the breaking shells and stay tuned to the end for a viewer’s comment on last week’s tips.

First up, this is for those who love their tortillas but miss the crunch. Simply transform yours. Wrap it in a damp paper towel throw it in the microwave for 15 seconds. Fold it in half and pop it into the toaster. Set it for your desired crispness.

When it comes to crispy shells, they almost always crack, break, or fall apart before the second bite. There are a few things people are doing for that. #1 warming the shells in the oven. The oil releases helping the shell become more pliable. #2 most probably put cheese on last, as a topping…but a hack is to put the cheese in first. The cheese will melt creating a protective layer that stops shells from breaking.

Finally, a viewer chimed in on a previous tip about preventing stains in plastic containers. We shared a hack where some are rubbing butter in the bottom to prevent stains…but, Mary Ann shares a “tried and true tupperware hack.” She says “before pouring any red sauce into the container, rinse it with cool water and then pour in the sauce. Then, when when it comes time to wash, do it with cool water. She says it removes the sauce stains instantly! No need to use butter or oil and…less messy!