Keep Your Producer Fresher for Longer with These Thursday Tips!

For your Thursday Tips, help your produce last longer with these tips Audra compiled from Pinterest.

There’s opportunity for fresh fruits and veggies waiting at Farmers market or in your very own garden.   For your Thursday Tips, ways to keep it all fresh and help it last longer with hacks from Steph Gigliotti and other Pinterest users.  When bringing in fresh herbs, wash them with a little white vinegar mixed in water, then use a salad spinner to dry them and store in a jar with water. This helps keep them fresh for weeks.  For veggies like asparagus and onions, put them in the refrigerators in a jar with a little water in the bottom, like you put flowers in a vase.   For the asparagus, cut the ends off first and only wash right before you’re ready to use. same goes with berries.  Store in a glass jar with a lid.   Otherwise the moisture can make them go bad quicker. Keep your potatoes out of the refrigerator.  They are best kept around 45 to 50 degrees so the best place to store them for max shelf life is a cool basement or garage as long as its dry.  Don’t put them on the counter by the window!  When temps reach 68 they think it’s spring and time to sprout. By the way, if your potato gets the white eyes, you should cut those out or discard.  Keep your apple slices from browning by adding adding them to a bowl of water with one one tablespoon of salt for every apple.   Let them soak for 10 minutes. rinse and pat dry.

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