This is How to Remove Spaghetti Stains from Your Tupperware – Thursday Tips!

For your Thursday Tip, we have a few things to make cleaning easier including getting the spaghetti stains out of your plastic food containers.

For your Thursday Tip, we have a few things to make cleaning easier.   Tip 1.  Here’a tip to get the spaghetti stains out of your food containers.  It’s not just tomato sauce.  Anything with the naturally occurring antioxidant lycopene like beets, grapefruit, and red cabbage can stain plastic containers.  Dawn Dish has a tip they say works like magic.  They say let the sun do the work for you.   Wash it and put in window sill for a few days!   Tip 2.  Getting that stain out is time consuming.  Even dawn dish agrees he key is to prevent it in the first place! Do that by rubbing your plastic containers in butter, or spraying with cooking spray. The fasts and oils create a barrier between the sauce and the container.  Tip 3.  There’s an easier way to clean shower curtains.  If you’ve been breaking your back, scrubbing the ends of your cotton or plastic shower liners. just throw them in the washing machine with a few towels. use regular detergent or baking soda. The towels give weight and enhance the scrubbing friction. remove, shake excess water and rehang.  Shine your chrome faucets with a piece of wax paper.  The wax in the paper helps to remove any water spots or stains from the faucet and leaves a protective layer that helps prevent future buildup.  Just rub a piece of wax paper over the entire surface of the faucet, then buff it with a clean cloth to bring out the shine.