Cucumber Caviar? Why You May Be Having It at Your Next Party!

Tinned fish is a TikTok trend where creators are making simple but elaborate dishes from canned fish and other seafoods.

If you’ve had a hard time finding your Chicken of the Sea for salmon croquets, there’s an explanation.   There’s a #tinnedfish trend on social media.  Creators are making tasty and sometimes elaborate dishes made from canned fish and seafood. A popular creator on TikTok is Danielle Matzon.   In one video she shows how to making caviar cucumber using a tin of Kaluga.  Her account has exploded as many are curious in exploring tinned fish as a delicacy.  Audra Grant brings cucumber and a jar of Caviart (seaweed pearls) to try out the trend with guest cohost B.J.  Kinard.