3 Ways to Hack Cabbage

In this week's Thursday Tips Audra Grant sorts all the ways to hack cabbage and breaks it down into three methods.

There must be something in the cabbage! The leafy veg is making its way to more dinner tables thanks to new health trends that are looking to replace carbs with things like cabbage noodles. Not to mention, cabbage is a customary staple for slaws and stews.   The main gripe about cabbage is the the prep work. In this week’s Thursday Tips Audra Grant sorts all the ways to hack cabbage and breaks it down into three methods: the circle, quarter and slam methods.

It’s all about the stem and one way to remove it is the circle method.  This involves turning the cabbage face down and making a circular cut around the stem and removing it.  From there you proceed to slicing. and that is another form art.  Watch this YouTube video posted by “tastes of the village” for more on the cutting form.

Then there’s the quarter method.  Audra demonstrates how kalejunkie on Tiktok removes the stem in quarters.   Remove the outer leaves.  The key is removing the tough stem.  Cut it in half along the stem and then cut it in quarters. Then take your knife and cut on each side of the stem.  That gives you smaller pieces to work with to cut or use on the mandolin to grate.  Kalejunkie on Tiktok demonstrates

The slam dunk.  Finally, after all that…there’s this way that just looks way too easy to be be true.  But after all the other work, it’s worth a try.  Many on social media have attempted it and claim it works.  It has potential to be a slam dunk if it works.  Instead of cutting the stem away, you just pick up the cabbage and slam it onto the cutting board.   Those who demonstrate like Jennifer McCown Mac on Tiktok, make it look simple.   The reviews are mixed on this one.   Audra and Greg found that it’s a better hack for lettuce.  Audra believes those demonstrating on social media may have made a precut (as in the first method) before slamming the cabbage for stem removal.

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