The Average Cost of Going to a MLB Game

Play ball! Major League Baseball kicked off this week.  So how much does it cost to be a MBL fan? 

Opening day kicked off yesterday for Major League Baseball..  So how much does it cost to be a MBL fan?  The average ticket price this year is about $35 but it depends on the team. The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees average more than $60,  While the average cost for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Miami Marlins is closer to $20.   But, of course, the spending doesn’t stop at the ticket.  The average person spends $51 inside the ballpark on things like concession food and drinks, beer and other alcoholic beverages, seat upgrades, parking, and team merch.   That makes the overall cost $86 per person.  Just a little less than half (47%) say they’re planning on going to a MLB game this season, 58% said they’ll have it on the TV at home.