Creative Ways to Support Local Businesses

Showing support keeps store fronts alive.

We all want to support local business as they are the soul of our communities. Showing support keeps store fronts alive. Here are a few creative ways in which you can do that.

The local farmer’s market is a great way to support the community. Farmers markets provide opportunities for small growers and businesses to showcase their products, and they help meet the growing demand for locally produced food.

Buy and gift local art. Those are unique gifts people remember and treasure. To find pieces, check out Facebook Marketplace, or visit local art galleries, and mark dates of art festivals in your area. Also, look at the art in your local coffee shops and restaurants. Chances are it was done locally. If and if you’re a business owner…display local artwork!

Take a class or watch a live-stream. This can be anything…whether an art class or exercise session. If you can’t be there in person, live-streaming is the next best thing. If you do…tag the the business on social media. That is priceless advertising in the eyes of a business. To do this…go to their social media page, follow them, and when you make your post about the awesome online art or yoga class you just took, mention them with an “@ their name” or a hashtag.

You can still leave a valuable statement for the business with a review. Many rely on Google, Facebook, Yellow Pages and YELP reviews. Those are all popular sites folks visit to read reviews before trying a new place. And finally, recommend local businesses to your friends, family and colleagues.