Thursday Tips – How to Properly Store Leftover Wine

Thursday Tips to preserve leftover wine, dust your home, and fix your carpet dents!


Turn your AC  unit to “on” instead of auto.  It helps keep the dust and pollen out.   The particles get kicked into the air and sucked into the return vent, getting captured by the air conditioner’s air filter.  When you finish turn back to auto.  Change out your filter monthly or according to your unit’s manual.

Get carpet dents and crinkles out with an ice cube.  The easiest way is simply put a piece of ice over the area.  Let the ice melt in the dented area.  The carpet will soak up the water and begin to rise. Blot away extra water and gently lift the indented carpet with something firm like a coin.

Stop corking your leftover wine.  You might be tempted to just put a cork back in or a wine topper but this may be a better way.  A wine educator says a half empty bottle still has oxygen inside it and corks are porous.  Oxygen is what breaks down the wine.  Instead of corking leftover wine in the original bottle, use a mason jar or any type of air-tight container appropriate to the size of the amount of wine you have left.  Seal it.

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