From Compassionate Flight Attendants to Helping Grieving Animals…These are Our Carolina Kindness Stories

We’ve partnered with the Maguire Law Firm to bring you Carolina Kindness stories each Wednesday.

Sometimes just telling someone you’ve got their back all the need in the moment. A passenger captured a flight attendant doing just that for another who was clearly anxious and uncomfortable about flying. On a flight from Charlotte to Raleigh, a lady was visibly anxious and began to cry. That’s when a flight attendant…Floyd Dean-Shannon walked over and sat down with the passenger to give an extra dose of reassurance. Floyd sat there the whole flight walking the passenger through every sound explaining what it was…for the whole flight.

That same type of kindness began this life-long friendship…see the couple dancing in the video. They are lifelong friends but met as strangers. It all started when one man’s dredit card was declined at the grocery store. The woman stepped up to pay for those groceries. It was a simple ‘I got you’ that has bloomed into life-long friendships.

Speaking of lifelong friendships, some folks in Iowa brought two geese together. Here’s how it started. There was Bud and Blossom who were geese mates. Bud passed and folks noticed Blossom hadn’t been the same. So, they posted an ad that said “Lonely widowed goose seeks life partner for companionship and occasional shenanigans.” Someone with a goose named Frankie came forward. He’d also lost his mate. So, they brought the two together last month. Now Blossom and Frankie are inseparable.

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