Is This Paper Towel Hack Worth the Effort?

It's definitely worth watching B.J. Kinard sweat over while Audra Grant instructs! Oh...and there are three other great tips you can actually use!

It’s that time of the week where Audra passes along hacks from the week.  Today, we are heading to the kitchen for Thursday Tips with YouTube’s Clean and Freak Germaphobe.

This may be the easiest way to peel potatoes. All you do is put one slit around the potato.  Score them, not too deep but all the way around.  Boil.  After cooking, drain and put them in a ice bath. The skins slide right off.

Cut your paper towel waste in half. literally.  This is supposedly easy to do.  Use a non-serrated knife and cut the roll in half.  As Audra found out by asking B.J. to demonstrate the hack…she needs a sharper knife or cheaper, thinner brand of towels. B.J. was not able to saw through the roll on his first, second, or third attempts.  Update:  it took B.J. until the end of the show to get the roll in half.  Yes, Audra recorded it (so definitely look for that on Friday’s show).

Save money and look fancy doing it with this muffin liner tip.  No need to run out and get the liners for your weekend blueberry muffins.  All you need is parchment paper.  That’s what the bakeries use and it will make you look fancy! Just cut into squares. Find a glass that is the same size as your tin and use it to mold the paper. Place onto the muffin tin.

Apparently this is a big deal to those who bake with loaf pans.  There’s nothing really to line those with and it drives folks crazy trying to get the parchment paper to work for these.  The trick is the cooking spray.  First measure it out and cut.  Then spray the pan with cooking spray.  Cut out the corners.  Then press inside the liner.  Trim the top. this reviewer gave this one a big thumbs up!