The Legend of the ‘Lizard Man’ Brings More Attention to Town of Bishopville, SC

A streaming channel put the Lee County town back on the radar as a "stop and see on the way to the beach" attraction.

If you are a local, chances are you’ve heard of the Lizard Man legend in Lee County.    For those who need to catch up on the story:  It surfaced in 1988 after a newspaper reported a man was attacked by a 7-foot lizard-type creature while he was changing a flat tire.   The search continues and it’s bringing interest from around the country as a streaming channel, Very Local, and WYFF-Greenville took interest in the town where it was born, Bishopville, SC.   The Lizard Man hasn’t been found but much intrigued  can be found at a restaurant, Harry and Harry Too, that has all it’s history even the original footprint.  And the food is apparently pretty good too!