Audra Tries the Vaseline Nail Hack on Greg!

Audra loves's the day she gathers tips and tricks-of-the-trade to share and test. Today, Greg gets his nails painted.

Audra loves Thursday as it’s a day she gathers tips and tricks-of-the-trade to share for the week.  Here are this week’s Thursday Tips:  1. Extend the life of your perfume by keeping it in a drawer, not the bathroom counter.  The best place to store your perfume is in a cool, dark place. Both natural and man-made light breaks it down over time.   2. A jar of Vaseline is the trick to painting your nails.  Use a cotton swab to apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly around your cuticles before painting your nails.  It acts as a repellant minimizing the mess..  Don’t get the Vaseline on your nails though or it won’t stick.  3. Lean to the right for this one. Literary. when you take your vitamins.  Researchers found that lying or leaning to the right while taking the vitamin would result in the pill going into the deepest part of the stomach and dissolving twice as quickly.   When lying or leaning to the left, the team noted that the it took five longer to absorb.  4.  Need your caffeine fix fast? Skip the creamer.  It usually takes 45 minutes for your morning joe to take affect. but it can be felt in as little as 15 t0 20 minutes by taking it black.   Milk contains a protein called casein, which can bind to caffeine to slow its absorption into the bloodstream.  This means that the effects of caffeine may be felt more gradually, rather than all at once on an empty stomach.