Puppy Love – What Do Puppies Have to Do with Love and Committment?

Love may have more to do with a decision than fate.

When it comes to love it may have more to do with decision than fate.  A relationship guru and author Paula Grooms in her book, “Why Won’t He Commit” explains relationship commitment in terms that we can all relate to…puppies.  Have you ever seen a puppy that you didn’t want to pet.   If you are a dog lover then you like every single puppy you see.  You adore them, kiss them and maybe you dog sit for a weekend.   But to adopt a pup of your own, is a different story.  Committing to one puppy is a decision.  It takes planning and arranging your life to fit this addition.  It’s kind of like deciding to enter a relationship when you’re dating.   In other words, the dating pool is full of puppies.