3 Ways to Save Valentine’s Day, If You Forgot

So you forgot about Valentine's Day? Greg and Audra share three ways to pull it off as if you'd planned it weeks ago.

If you woke wishing you had planned more for this day to celebrate those near and dear, not to worry.   Living on a Dime blog shares a few quick, easy and inexpensive ways to save Valentine’s Day.  A fun inexpensive treat your kids will enjoy doing with you is making a traditional valentine out of construction paper.   Cut 2 hearts out, staple together and fill with heart candy.  Or cut out a bunch of hearts and leave little notes around the house, car, or lunch box.  Cookie utters can transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Cut out sandwiches and pizza.  Serve red things: red Jello, pudding, apples, toast with strawberry jam, tomato soup, etc.  Pull off a cool treasure hunt of love.  With a bit of effort it will seem as if you’d planned it out weeks ago.  Send an email or text, or snap the first clue.  Continue leaving clues all over the house, yard, car on where to find the next clue.   End the hunt by making a picnic in the back yard, or at your kitchen table.  Use your imagination and have fun.  The simple things are the ones people remember.