Avoid These Super Bowl Party Mistakes

That's a party foul! Know the rules so you don't spoil the biggest game night of the year.

Sunday is a really big day for not just sports fans, but socialites and common folks alike!   Whether you’re expecting 2 or 22, know the rules so you don’t spoil the biggest game of the year.  Reader’s Digest recently shared some party fouls to avoid.  Here are a few that got our attention.

#1. The Super Bowl party is no time to show off in the kitchen. A food network editor says the No.1 rule for Sunday is: kiss, “Keep it Simple Susan.”  Go with burgers, hot dogs, wings, chili, chips and dips.  Keep it simple with all the flavors that people are expecting.   And don’t put it all out at once.  Start with dips, adding sandwiches, wings, your heavy hitters.

#2. Don’t start the party too early. Starting the festivities prematurely is not only a good way to run out of food before halftime, it’s also just begging your guests to drink too much too fast. Foxsports.com suggests kicking off the celebration about 90 minutes before kick-off.  And speaking of the beverages, that’s one thing guests can contribute, so let them.

#3. Pick a side.  It’s more fun when people are cheering for opposing teams.  Even if you’re not a big football fan or your team didn’t make it to the big game, choose a side and cheer for it.  And speaking of cheering, don’t overdo it because another big party foul is being too exhausted to enjoy your own party.  And give yourself a break in the kitchen.  Embrace the pre-made. people don’t care if you made the food or note, they just want to eat

#4.  Don’t touch the remote during commercials or halftime.  It’s the one time people actually want to watch commercials and the half time show.  For some, it’s more important than the game.  No channel surfing or muting.   No one wants to miss the commercials everyone will be talking about Monday.   Speaking of Monday, most have work.  So after halftime (no later than two minutes left on the clock) put out the dessert to signal the party is ending.  The smell of coffee and sweets on the table denotes the end of anything, so people get it.