How to Ripen Avocados Faster for Guacamole

To ripen your avocados faster, there are two ways you can speed up the process.

On Thursdays we like to share a few hacks and tricks of the trade that we’ve come across during the week, even some from our viewers.  In today’s Thursday Tips, it’s all about saving time and money for good food.  Tip #1.  Put this on your grocery list.  A packet of ranch dressing.   You’ll thank us later.  If you’re a ranch lover then you know anything smothered in it tastes better. If you haven’t tried ranch cucumbers you need to today.   It’s all over social media.  The combo is easy to prepare and addictive.  Just toss a pack of dry ranch into a container of sliced cucumbers and refrigerate.  We’re passing it along to you in case you have a toddler or husband who don’t eat their veggies.  It also makes for a quick add to your Super Bowl spread.  Tip #2.  This is from a viewer.  Brian wrote in a with tip we can all use.   He and wife Monica got fed up with using plastic long ago.   Now they keep 2 laundry baskets and 2 insulated bags for the cold/frozen items in the trunk.   It makes taking the groceries into the house a lot easier.   The baskets stay in the trunk so you don’t have to worry about forgetting them or the impromptu trips to the store.   Tip #3. Here’s another tip to use for a favorite super bowl snack this weekend: guacamole.  To ripen your avocados faster, there are two ways you can speed up the process.  If you can wait 48 hours, put them in a paper bag with another piece of fruit.  They’ll soften faster.  If you don’t have time to spare, the alternative is to put them in the microwave.  Cut them in half, remove the pit and wrap the halves in plastic wrap. Cook in 30 second intervals on medium high until soft, then refrigerate for 6 minutes.  The first method is your best natural, bet as you sacrifice some of the buttery flavor of the avocado in the microwave.