3 Types of Couples At-Risk of Breaking Up on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is a holiday you should prepare for as it can make or break three types of relationships. 

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away.  Just two days after the super bowl. It’s a day where you give and get cards, fancy dinners, flowers, and chocolates.  Whether or not you are aware of the holiday, it’s a day to prepare for as it can make or break three types of relationships.  It can be tricky for  1. Couples in new relationships.   This is mainly because it can be awkward.  You’re just getting to know each other.  Is a card too much or too little?  It’s tricky!  It’s a recipe for someone being disappointed.  2. Those in relationships with someone who gets skittish over the intimacy and words like love.  They describe these as “attachment avoidant” types.  They may experience the pressure of Valentine’s Day negatively, or at least not experience it as a particularly positive thing.  These types are likely dreading the day and you may find yourself ghosted.  3. Couples already on the rocks tend to break up if  Valentine’s doesn’t go well. For everyone else it is a day that can truly fill your cup and boost those you love or care for.   In summary, decide how you want to spend the holiday and plan accordingly.  Whether it’s celebrating a friendship, affirming love or preparing for a breakup, give yourself and those around you a little more love and grace on Valentine’s.