Sleep Tourism is Trending for 2023

The hospitality industry is paying more attention to the quality of sleep. Some are partnering with mattress companies to provide better sleep for guests.

If your idea of great night-life is uninterrupted sleep, you’re gonna love this new trend.   Sleep tourism is trending for 2023.   The concept is to provide the best atmosphere for sleep away from home.  The setup is thoughtful and in the details from the fabric of the sheets, the temperature of the room, the quality of the mattress, the aroma, and necessities such a sleep masks.  For example the Park Hyatt in New York partners with a mattress company and has six dedicated sleep suites.  Conde Nast Traveler’s magazine lists their top finds for sleep.   You’re likely paying extra for the amenities.  But trends have a way of tinkering down the totem poll and concepts are eventually incorporated mainstream.