Psychologist Teams with Game Developer to Create Game that Helps Kids Eat their Fruits and Veggies

It's a game called "Teach Your Monster" and may prime your child's excitement for fruits and veggies. 

Parents, what did you serve for dinner last night? What’s on the menu tonight? Is it healthy? Do these questions make you anxious?   You’re not alone.   More than half of parents surveyed say they feel mealtime anxiety.   All want their families to eat healthy, but 35% are not making it happen.   A psychologist and feeding specialist, Dr Lucy Cooke, offers up tips.  Try to keep healthy foods available.  Be a good example.   Be positive and talk about how tasty health foods are.  Don’t ban sweets and treats altogether, it makes them want it more. Offer fresh alternatives for a change, Get into a habit of dining together, And if your youngster likes games, Dr. Cooke teamed up with gamer Alex Goss, to go the distance in this veggie war.  They’re created a game called “Teach Your Monster.”  It’s suppose to prime their excitement for the fruits and veggies.