4 Ways to Better and Cheaper Laundry in 2023

Laundry has come a long ways, are you up to date?

We are heading to the laundry room for a few basics and updates you may not have been aware of.  1. Don’t overload your washing machine. We are all trying to save time these days. and you may think you are saving water by getting it all in one load.  You could be breaking down your machine and your clothes not getting as clean.  Make sure the clothes are freely moving around.  2.  A little prep will save you money and frustration in the long run.  Prep your clothes before washing them.   Close the zippers, check all the pockets, fasten straps.   This will save your shirts from getting picked and ruined from the gum left in your jeans pocket and saves the washing bin from damage.   3.  Upgrade your washing game.  When it comes to the detergent.   It’s likely time for an upgrade.  Liquid laundry detergent can be up to 90% water and the plastic jugs don’t always make it to the recycle bin.   The pods and even powder can clog pipes if not dissolved properly.   Give the laundry sheets a try.   They dissolve within seconds in hot or cold water.  These by Earth Breeze hey are concentrated, pre-measured and low sudsing.  It promises to save packaging. and likely your pocket book, depending on what you’ve been paying.  At press time 60 sheets retailed for $20 but with an auto-ship subscription, you could get them for 40% off – 60 for $12.   4.  Speaking of upgrades, many units have the self-clean option.  If so take advantage of that and run it weekly to keep the bacteria down in your washer.   If you have an older model, wipe down with white vinegar.  And leave the door open on the washer after the last cycle.  This helps keep it dry preventing mold and mildew from growing.