The 4 Keys to Giving a Good Gift

Tip #1 - Give them what they want, even if it's not a surprise.

What makes a great gift?  While that may depend on who you ask, a gifting scientist says it’s the thought that counts and that a clip from the show “The Big Bang Theory” shows a perfect example.  Sheldon receives a napkin as a gift from Penny, but not just any napkin.  If you don’t have a napkin used by someone your friend admires or follows, here are a few other tips on gift giving.   Give them what they want even if it’s not a surprise. For example,  they ask for a bike, get them a a bike.   If you don’t know what they want, give something that would help solve an issue they’ve mentioned.  Services like a one-time car detail, a basket of kitchen necessities, or a subscription to a streaming service.  Finally, a good gift creates meaning. whatever it is attach a story to it maybe a note that says why you chose it.