Here are Your Local Black Friday and Holiday Deal Alerts!

Locals set their alerts each year for this Myrtle Waves deal that you can only get on Black Friday. When you know, you know!

Black Friday local deals alerts:  Locals wait all year for this deal from Myrtle Waves that is offered only on Black Friday!  If you have kids set your reminder right now for their biggest deal of the season.  Myrtle Waves water park offers the lowest price of the season for passes on black Friday.   It’s also a great time to get gift cards.  Many like Burger Fi offer bonus deals during the holiday shopping months.  During the month of December Burger Fi offers a $5 bonus for every $25 in a gift card.  If you’re planning to hit the mall, check their websites.   Coastal Grand usually has a shopping guide on their page to let you know what deals are going on.