Thursday Tips for a Better Turkey never hurts to review the basics to improve your game.

For your Thursday Tips we’re getting you ready for Thanksgiving with some hacks from celebrity chefs. whether this is your first time preparing a feast for friends and family or you’ve been the head cook in charge for years…it never hurts to review the basics to improve your game.

Be sure to let the turkey sit overnight in the fridge uncovered. This allows the skin to dry out which makes for a crispier shell and before cooking, remove the backbone, flatten it out before you add your rubs and sauces. This cuts cooking time in half and gives a juicer bird.

To get the most flavor from your spices don’t be timid to use a mixture like black pepper, and cinnamon sticks…these can be whole or powder. To get the most flavor out of your blend…one chef recommends roasting and crushing them with a mortar and pestle which releases the flavor! Then be sure to rub the inside of your turkey…not the outside…otherwise it will burn!

Use your citrus fruits to wake the flavor! Add the zest of lemons, limes or oranges to your rub. It gets the skin nice and cripsy. The acidity brings out the flavor of the other spices. When zesting, stop before you hit the white part of the fruit. Then save the fruits to use as garnishes for cocktails and desserts.

To try something different, one chef says that instead of using butter or peanut oil try mayo. Many rub the under skin of their turkeys to give it moisture and flavor…apparently mayonaise is the best of both. It really does the trick in locking in the moisture and giving you an extra crispy skin.