Fall and Winter Time Foods That are Great for Your Health

There are some great seasonal foods that have a lot of health benefits.

The fall and winter months usually mean a lot of sweet treats whether it’s homemade candies, breads or even pies but there are some great seasonal foods that have a lot of health benefits too. Here’s a reason to go apple picking…the fruit helps protect against cardiovascular disease. Plus, one medium-sized apple a day may help lower cholesterol, blood pressure and inflammation. Consider adding cranberries to your diet as well. Try adding them to some greek yogurt. They have several compounds that have shown potential cancer prevention impacts. Keep using pumpkin too…its loaded with fiber and vitamins plus is typically low in calories. Another orange veggie, sweet potatoes…the starch won’t help with weight-loss but they’ve got antioxidant flavonoid benefits and are lower in calories than regular white potatoes. Finally, don’t knock the beets! they’re a source of nitrates, they may play a role in brain health, specifically cognitive function.